Wizard là gì

Wizard là gì

approving You might call someone a wizard who has great skill or who manages to do something that is extremely difficult:

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The time has come for plain speaking, and no half-truths and muttering like that of so many wizards.
The financial wizards tell us in the media all about the productivity per person in this country and in other countries.
The wizards generally gather in specialized strongholds called covenants, which are often built in places of power.
Becoming a ghost is also an option for wizards and witches; however, it is said that it is a pale imitation of life.
Mayavi, the protagonist in the series, is a little devil, who helps to keep the forest safe from villains and dark wizards.
However, they are uncomfortable for extended trips, even with a cushion charm applied, and thus many wizards favour other means of transport for those journeys.
Using powerful magic and swordsmanship they battle overreaching wizards, demons seeking to destroy the world, and an occasional hapless gang of bandits.

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