Wheelbase là gì

Wheelbase là gì

If it meets rugged terrain it has the capability of expanding, that is, increasing its wheelbase to reduce the risk of toppling over.

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If it is symmetrical with respect to the axis of the wheelbase line, then a car can be considered stable.
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When straight trajectories are analyzed a wheelbase coupling phenomenon is observed, that generates a ripple in the spectral density of bounce and pitch at frequencies depending on the navigation velocity.
Nevertheless, 156 out of a total of 215 derailments on plain track in 1968 were caused by short wheelbase wagons.
A substantial order for military versions of the shorter wheelbase 90 model is expected in the near future.
These track defects, where they occurred on passenger lines, were insufficient to affect passenger trains but were enough to upset the balance of a short wheelbase wagon.
An entire new rear end meant a slightly longer wheelbase (up to 2,050 mm) and a somewhat longer and taller body.
In modern use, a limousine is a luxury sedan or saloon car, especially one with a lengthened wheelbase or driven by a chauffeur.
Turning is significantly more difficult with inline speed skates than recreational skates because of more and larger wheels, creating a longer wheelbase.
A second car was made with a longer wheelbase and minor detail changes like door handles and red bodywork.
Notwithstanding the limitation of their longer wheelbase, they were nevertheless widely used on both branch line and main line goods services.

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The low-slung frame, front suspension, hub-center steering, and long wheelbase contributed to the cycle”s exceptional stability.

someone who studies astrophysics (= the study of stars and other objects in space using physical laws)

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