Tolerance là gì

Tolerance là gì

willingness to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them:
Some members of the party would like to see it develop a greater tolerance of/towards contrary points of view.

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the ability to deal with something unpleasant or annoying, or to continue existing despite bad or difficult conditions:
My tolerance of/for heat is considerably greater after having lived in the Far East for a couple of years.

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willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that are different from your own, even if you disagree with or disapprove of them:
There is zero tolerance of violence at this school – if you’re caught fighting, you’ll be suspended.
It is, therefore, unclear which of these factors is directly linked to the tolerance-intolerance conversion.
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Examinations of tolerance levels indicate no serious multicollinearity between the independent variables.
Relative importance of photosynthetic traits and allocation patterns as correlates of seedling shade tolerance of 13 tropical trees.
Thus, partial tolerance becomes the perfect alibi for generalized prejudice against the regional varieties and praise of the standard.
This feature in turn implies sampling in linear time, as soon as a positive tolerance on size is granted.
Effective treatment most often relies on nasal continuous positive airway pressure, but poor tolerance or compliance sometimes leads to treatment with oral appliances or surgery.
Farmers were asked to rate (as good, fair or bad) storage behaviour in terms of keeping quality and tolerance to insect pests.
Many factors will influence confidence in one”s political attitudes, efficacy and tolerance, both positively and negatively.
Most radiotherapy departments only repeated measurements where the initial reading was outside a set tolerance level.

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