Suspension là gì

Suspension là gì

There have been calls for the drug”s immediate suspension, following reports that it has dangerous side effects.

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a punishment in which a person is temporarily not allowed to work, go to school, or take part in an activity:
equipment attached to the wheels of a vehicle that reduces the uncomfortable effects of going over road surfaces that are not even
The group has seen the value of its shares fall by more than 95% in the six months leading up to last week”s suspension of trading.
an act of temporarily stopping an employee from working, often because they have done something wrong:
two-week/six-month/one-year, etc. suspension She intends to appeal against her six-month suspension.
Ten minutes were allowed for cercarial penetration, after which time less than 1 % of the cercariae remained in suspension.
Following a pressure increase in the pipette, the cell suspension was transferred to seminiferous tubules (dark blue).
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Since the robot is only expected to have to negotiate small grades, it only incorporates suspension systems at the two lateral wheels.
As noted above, the centrality of dissonance arose from the new priority given to the suspension in a regime of chordal harmony.
In case of ambiguity, bacterial adherence of a new sample of the cell suspension with bacteria was determined.

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The slide was examined at a magnification of 100 under a binocular microscope and the number of nematodes in the 1 ml suspension was counted.
Largely unresolved is the question of what mechanism, grammatical or otherwise, leads to this type of “suspension of contrasts”.
We imagine that waiting is a state of suspension, of inactivity, a state of physical inactivity and lack of forward movement.
They represent deposition from suspension and from weak traction currents and sedimentation taking place in separate increments, representing individual flood events.
To estimate the total larval number, five 20-ml aliquots of larval solution were counted and total larvae in the suspension were estimated.
The mean number of larvae in suspension was estimated by counting the number of larvae in ten 0.1 ml subsamples.
This approach adds pressure to discover physically meaningful structures for a semiactive suspension design.

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