Spacious là gì

Spacious là gì

From there first arose poisonous kind, spread widely, those which surging now through poisonous breath make spacious the entrance.

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The home was attractively furnished and had a spacious hall, sitting room, television lounge, conservatory and dining room.
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The cellar comprised a spacious garage, for at least five cars, with windows looking onto a sunken mews.
Reaching into the high register of the instrument, the opening notes establish the tranquil, spacious mood that pervades throughout.
Similarly, the often spacious potting shed provided workers who may have lived in cramped quarters with their own spaces in which to work and reflect.
Initially the housing projects succeeded in providing clean, spacious and modern living for a healthy mix of working poor and welfare recipients.
These generally presented the earthquake as a spacious landscape, either still in the full throes of catastrophe, or attempting to cope with its immediate aftermath.
The concerts were held in a spacious lounge, complete with overstuffed chairs and couches which gave the impression of a large living room.
The lobby of the sheltered housing project symbolises its public image; it is spacious, air-conditioned and well decorated, with low sofas and matching tables.
They wanted to visit shops that were easy to enter and move around in, and which were spacious without being too large.

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Later movements paint an extraordinary range of impressions, veering unexpectedly from spacious languor to rhapsodic exhiliration.
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