Shade là gì

Shade là gì

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A shade is also a cover, usually attached at the top of a window, that can be pulled over a window to block the light or to keep people from looking in.
Few shading experiments have provided the absolute measures of both incident radiation and crop structure necessary to develop a predictive approach.
The height of the surrounding canopy was significantly different throughout ontogeny for gap and shade species.
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In tropical moist forest, advance regeneration in the form of shade-suppressed seedlings is a major component of regrowth in new gaps.
Growing pepper in mixtures may provide natural shade and a more favourable microclimate for the developing vegetable crop.
During the remainder of the year, the shade cloth was removed to simulate open deciduous forest canopy.
Right inset illustrates the penetration depth by shading of the ellipses representing individual bacteria.
Adaptability of the photosynthetic apparatus to light intensity in ecotypes from exposed and shaded habitats.

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The language has an extraordinary transparency, unity and simplicity of shading; it conceals an exceedingly skilful control of detail and pacing, and a factual economy.
Open bars represent the cool dry season, shaded bars the hot-dry season and solid bars the rainy season.
Natural infestations are common and epizootics may occur, especially on the ground in cool conditions with high relative humidity and heavy shade.
Effect of shading on nonstructural carbohydrates and their turnover in culms and leaves during the grain filling period of spring wheat.
This is not surprising because the oil palm leaves that protrude from the solitary stem provide much shade to the base of the tree.
Therefore, dry forest species do not fit neatly into the shade-tolerant or shade-intolerant groups of species.

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