Sale associate là gì

Sale associate là gì

Other common names for this position: Car Salesman, Vendor, Salesman, Salesperson, Shop Clerk, Retail Sales Clerk, Customer Service Sales Clerk, Retail Sales Associate, Sales Assistant, Sales Consultant, Sales Clerk, Store Clerk

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Sales Associates are usually the direct link between a company and their customers. They sell a wide variety of products and goods ranging from clothes and electrical appliances to houses and cars.

A Sales Associate is not to be confused with a Sales Representative. All professionals working in the field of sales can be divided into two groups depending on whom they sell to, there’s business-to-customers (B2C), selling directly to the final consumer, and Business-to-Business (B2B), selling on large scales to other smaller businesses. Sales Associates are B2C-oriented, meaning the customer is encouraged to buy the product or service immediately and directly from the Salesperson; while a Sales Representative works for B2B companies, meaning these professionals take the products and services from one company or organization to sell it to another.

Sales Associates may also serve as consultants for customers needing an expert’s advice when buying specialized, technological, or novelty items. Sales Associates have a key role in service, retail, and wholesale establishments since they are a direct and constant point of contact with the customer, hence, they are vital in leaving a long-lasting positive impression on clients, to get them to go back not only for the products, but for the shopping experience as well.


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Here’s a non-exhaustive list of common tasks Sales Associates are required to complete.

Greeting customers and creating a welcoming environment:Greeting, acknowledging, and informing customers in a warm, courteous, and professional manner; explaining the necessary precautions and maintenance procedures of specialized products to buyers; directing customers in locating merchandise; andensuring customer satisfaction. Selling a wide variety of products and services to the general public: Explaining product qualities and characteristics to the customer; being up-to-date on the most current promotions and advertisements, informing clients about prices, discounts, and promotions; maintaining an updated and accurate understanding of all products and services on sale; knowing the specifications of a product when working with expensive and complex items, such as cars, spare and replacement parts, jewellery, electronics, among others; andkeeping store properly stocked with all demanded products. Operating cash registers; andprocessing the payment for the sale using a Point of Sale (POS) system. Sharing suggestions, ideas, and concerns with the appropriate Managers. Keeping records of all sales for inventory and stock purposes: Using specialized software to keep inventory. Performing minor duties in stores and shops, including arranging shelves, doing inventory, cleaning facilities, and handling correspondence: Assisting with cleaning activities, making sure the store is organized and clean; andprocessing shipments. Complying with all health and safety standards and procedures, as well as with the establishment’s rules and regulations: Promptly identifying possible cases of thieving and robbery and reacting according to company procedures;

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Greeting customers as they enter the premises.Anticipating the customers’ necessities. Making assertive recommendations to customers based on their needs. Describing the functions and method of operation of any specialized merchandise. Handling customers’ questions and inquiries. Knowing and explaining current promotions to customers, as well as return policies and other company procedures.

The average Sales Associate salary is $31,254 per year or $16 per hour. This is the same as the Median wage of the country. Entry level positions start at $22,000 while most experienced workers make up to $44,000. These results are based on 2,463 salaries extracted from job descriptions.

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