Safety là gì

Safety là gì

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safety /”seifti/ danh từ sự an toàn, sự chắc chắnto be in safety: ở chỗ an toànto play for safety: chơi cẩn thận; chơi ăn chắc tính an toàn, tính chất không nguy hiểmthe safety of an experiment: tính chất không nguy hiểm của cuộc thí nghiệm chốt an toàn (ở súng)
sự an toànsafety of principal: sự an toàn vốncargo ship safety equipment certificategiấy chứng thiết bị an toàn tàu hànghigh safetytính an toàn caoindustrial safetyan toàn công nghiệpindustrial safetybiện pháp phòng ngừa tai nạn lao độngjob safetyan toàn công táclabour safetyan toàn lao độngmargin of safetybiên an toànmargin of safetybiên độ an toànmargin of safetybiên tế an toànproduct safetyan toàn sản phẩmroad safetyan toàn đường bộroad safetyan toàn đường lộsafety at workan toàn lao độngsafety at workbiện pháp phòng ngừa tai nạn lao độngsafety banktồn trữ chữa cháysafety beltvành đai an toànsafety certificategiấy chứng nhận an toànsafety checkkiểm tra an toànsafety cut-outnút ngắt tự động áp suất caosafety devicethiết bị an toànsafety engineeringsự ứng dụng kỹ thuật an toànsafety equipment certificategiấy chứng thiết bị an toàn. safety factorhệ số an toàn danh từ o sự an toàn, sự chắc chắn § safety belt : thắt lưng an toàn, dây an toàn § safety bolt : bulông an toàn § safety clamp : vòng siết an toàn § safety drilling : lỗ quan sát § safety factor : hệ số an toàn § safety hook : móc an toàn § safety joint : đoạn nối an toàn § safety shut-off valve : van mở an toàn § safety slide : bàn trượt an toàn § safety valve : van an toàn § safety zone : vùng an toàn

Thuật ngữ lĩnh vực Bảo hiểm


An toàn

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): safe, safety, safe, unsafe, safely

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Từ điển Collocation

safety noun

ADJ. extra, greater The seat is bolted in place for extra safety. | comparative, reasonable, relative A blizzard forced the climbers back to the relative safety of their tents. | perfect Walkways allow visitors to enter the caves in perfect safety. | child, passenger, personal, public The house has to be rearranged with a view to child safety. | fire, food, nuclear, etc. | air, home, industrial, occupational, road, traffic, etc.

VERB + SAFETY ensure, guarantee | improve | fear for Police fear for the safety of the missing children.

SAFETY + NOUN controls, improvements, limits, measures, precautions, procedures, provisions | guidelines, laws, legislation, levels, policy, recommendations, regulations, requirements, rules, standards | violation | hazard, risk | check, inspection | inspector, officer, official, watchdog The plan was rejected by the government nuclear safety watchdog. | record | aspect, considerations, factor, implications, issues, matters | awareness The police are conducting a safety awareness programme in local schools. | campaign, initiative, training | belt, equipment, features, harness, helmet, rope The car has many safety features, including anti-skid braking. | catch, device, valve | barrier, net (often figurative) State benefits provide a safety net for the very poor. | glass, pin, razor, seat

PREP. for ~ The stairs are fitted with handrails either side for safety. | for your own ~ The police gave him protection for his own safety. | in ~ The people want to be able to walk the streets at night in safety. | to ~ We managed to run to safety before the building collapsed.

PHRASES for safety reasons For safety reasons, children should not operate the machine unsupervised. | health and safety The company was fined by the health and safety inspectors. | on safety grounds The playground was closed down on safety grounds. | a place of safety The refugees finally reached a place of safety. | safety first When cycling on the roads, remember: safety first.

Từ điển WordNet


the state of being certain that adverse effects will not be caused by some agent under defined conditions

insure the safety of the children

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