Royal city hanoi apartment for rent from $600 update january 2021

Royal city hanoi apartment for rent from $600 update january 2021

Royal City has been one of the high-class integrated urban areas in Hanoi, and if you are looking for Vinhomes apartment for rent, you can consider Royal City as this complex can offer you many comfortable experiences through many of its services.

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There are thousands of residents are now living in Royal City, making this the most desirable place in Hanoi and there are some reasons for this:

Royal City Is An Luxury Integrated Urban Area

In Royal City, apartment buildings are designed in accordance to luxurious Royal European architecture, creating a vibe of the neoclassical style. Besides the apartment buildings, there is also a modern and luxurious shopping center which includes multiple shops, stores, restaurants, etc., which can be of great advantage to the residents here. There are British Vietnamese International School Hanoi and Vinmec Hospital at your service.

Civilized and High-class Community

Here at Vinhomes Royal City, expats looking for an apartment for rent Hanoi have the chance to connect to many people from the upper class from many nationalities. There is a large number of activities in this integrated area for residents to communicate, creating opportunities for experience and entertainment.

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Convenient Transportation

Situated on Nguyen Trai Street of Thanh Xuan District, Vinhomes Royal City is connected to many important streets, making transportation convenient and easy. There are also bus stations near the property for residents to travel to many other parts of Hanoi without any traffic jams.

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Xây Dựng NND will assist you to find your dream home when you stay in Hanoi. Royal City apartments in Hanoi are available with ranges of furnished or unfurnished, two-bedroom or four-bedroom, etc. If you are seeking Hanoi apartment in Royal City for your family/relatives or colleagues, please send us your requirements, we will analyze your demand in detail and carry out a survey to your right home in the shortest time with reasonable price.

How much to rent an apartment in Royal City Hanoi?

01 bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Royal City (55 m2): Price from $650 – $ 700/month2 bedroom apartment (82 – 109 m2): Price from $700 – $ 1100 / month3 bedroom apartment (132 – 182 m2): Price from $1200 – $ 2500/month4 bedroom apartment (200-250 m2): Price from $25000 – $ 3500 / month

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