Privacy là gì

Privacy là gì

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privacy /privacy/ danh từ sự riêng tư sự xa lánh, sự cách biệtto live in privacy: sống cách biệt, sống xa lánh bên ngoài sự bí mật, sự kín đáoto secure privacy: đảm bảo bí mật
đời tưriêng biệtLĩnh vực: toán & tinmã truy nhậpsự bảo mậtvoice privacy: sự bảo mật tiến nóisự bí mậtsự riêng biệtsự riêng tưcall privacybảo mật cuộc gọiprivacy devicebộ phận bí mậtprivacy devicebộ phận cơ mậtprivacy inverter systemhệ thống bảo mật đảo ngượcprivacy inverter systemhệ thống bảo mật nghịch đảoprivacy keykhóa riêng, khóa mậtprivacy lockkhóa riêng, khóa mậtprivacy of informationsư bảo mật thông tinprivacy of informationsự bảo vệ thông tinprivacy protectionsự bảo mậtprivacy protectionsự bảo vệ riêngprivacy protectionsự bảo vệ riêng tưprivacy systemhệ thống bảo mật

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Từ điển Collocation

privacy noun

ADJ. complete, total | individual, personal

VERB + PRIVACY preserve, protect, respect | disturb, intrude on, invade, violate I hope I”m not intruding on your privacy.

PREP. in ~ I want to be left in privacy. | in the ~ of She longed to be in the privacy of her own room. | ~ from privacy from prying eyes

PHRASES an intrusion/invasion of privacy These phone calls are a gross invasion of privacy. | an intrusion on (sb”s) privacy

Từ điển WordNet

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. The concept that a user’s data, such as stored files and e-mail, is not to be examined by anyone else without that user’s permission. A right to privacy is not generally recognized on the Internet. Federal law protects only e-mail in transit or in temporary storage, and only against access by Federal agencies. Employers often claim a right to inspect any data on their systems. To obtain privacy, the user must take active measures such as encryption. See also encryption, PGP, Privacy Enhanced Mail. Compare security.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

privaciessyn.: cloister hideaway intimacy isolation retreat sanctum seclusion secrecy solitude withdrawal

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