Postage là gì

Postage là gì

postage costs/rates We have reduced postage costs by nearly $24,000 as a result of the direct deposit option.

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This trend is explained by lower postage and administration costs when using the e-fax capabilities of the automated documentation system.
The original issues did not exceed a dozen pages and now hover around four dozen; stationary and postage have gone up in price quite considerably.
Therefore, the automated system becomes less attractive as the percentage of notes requiring postage increases.
But please do whatever you can to save postage from this end by taking the initiative in sending information for use in these pages.
The psychosocial budget included a variety of expenditures: on telephone, postage, sports, social club and trade union subscription, for example.
The card will be similar to the standard credit card but will have a sensor about the size of a postage stamp built into it.

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Yet there are at present about 200 states in existence – many of which are postage-stamp states that cannot be counted as aspirant nation-states.
Consumables included, for example, bowel preparation (4), gloves, paper mats, polypectomy snares, biopsies (required for around 27% of examinations) and administrative requisites, such as stationery, postage, and telephone charges.
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