Plethora là gì

Plethora là gì

This conflicting opinion, together with complex cultural and socioeconomic issues surrounding wetlands, has given rise to a plethora of views on how to develop wetlands.

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Inevitably, health and safety legislation generates a plethora of acronyms, which are fortunately well covered by a 12-page appendix.
These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Xây Dựng NND Xây Dựng NND editors or of Xây Dựng NND University Press or its licensors.
In the light of such developments a plethora of institutions both national and international have trumpeted the paramountcy of the fight against corruption.
He cites numerous examples and a plethora of statistical information to document the population changes ahead, as well as the reasons for falling fertility rates.
Indeed, preliminary inventories of the general linguistic characteristics of the dialects reveals a plethora of archaic features.
There is always ample factual information, which also neatly guides the reader through the plethora of government publications.
A heterogeneity of memories triggered by the same memory material, stirring up a plethora of emotional extensions of the work.
As revonsuo and other evolution-minded theorists suggest, humans, like other animals, should have evolved a plethora of special threat-detection devices.

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Despite the plethora of theories that have surfaced over the years, there are really only two ways of explaining visual experience.
The combination produces a book difficult to summarize, for it contains a plethora of information, visual images, and impressive historical and theoretical discussion.
Outside the hall, the plethora of booths, entertainments and ballad singers gave the scene a carnivalesque atmosphere.
The original idea of a profile developed into a plethora of projects that in scope was far greater than originally envisaged.
Treatment of electromagnetic methods is difficult because of the plethora of methods with very specific applications.

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