Peer pressure là gì

Peer pressure là gì

the strong influence of a group, especially of children, on members of that group to behave as everyone else does:

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the pressure that you feel to behave in a certain way because your friends or people in your group expect it:
Obviously here a whole range of stimuli played a part : charismatic preaching, peer pressure, the example of a family member or social superior.
In addition, youth in the behavioral risk group were more likely to report negative peer pressure than were youth in the optimal group.
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Such an atmosphere also created the type of tacit peer pressure that made deviance from the norm more difficult.
In society today, pressures to conform are stifling and are especially felt at school levels where peer pressure can have distinct disadvantages.
The emotional risk group might benefit from interventions that enhance parent-child relationships, improve self-worth, and increase resistance to negative peer pressure.
Unfortunately, no research to date has directly assessed such susceptibility as a concurrent marker of adolescents” deviant behavior or responses to peer pressure.

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Fourth and finally, this study focused entirely upon early adolescence, a period during which peer pressure is believed to be still increasing sharply.
They are often encumbered by external constraints in the form of peer pressure, poverty, and impairing social circumstances.
Perceptions of peer pressure, peer conformity dispositions, and self-reported behavior among adolescents.
This peer pressure may be translated to the parents, who may buy the child the appropriate “designer labeled” item.
A commitment to different peer groups leads to different types of peer pressure and motivation, which shape language use.

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