Outline là gì

Outline là gì

to describe something, for example a new plan or idea, in a general way without giving too many details:
outline a plan/proposal/strategy Senior figures from the energy industry will hold a public meeting to outline plans to build a $300m plant.

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outline the terms of sth The Department of Agriculture yesterday outlined the terms of a new consent agreement.
(be) outlined by sb/sth The commission”s position was outlined by its general counsel, Julie Hodgkins.
(be) outlined above/below When planning objectives, it”s a good idea to use a checklist to ensure that you meet the criteria outlined above.
outline how/what/when, etc. The Pensions Board will be obliged to outline how future pensions systems might operate.
Maps filed with the Planning Commission outline a 154,000-square-foot hospital that could eventually be on the site”s northern end.

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The outline calls for city government to lead by example, as well as to encourage the private sector to embrace conservation.
Terms of the deal between NATO and the European Union seem clear in outline, although agreeing on details may prove more difficult.
the outline(s) of a deal/proposal/settlement, etc. Officials agree that the broad outlines of a deal on agriculture need to be in place by July.
the outline(s) of what/why/how, etc. Fund managers have been asked to prepare a document containing an outline of how investment professionals make decisions.
broad/brief/general outline(s) The House Speaker endorsed the broad outlines of the new taxation program.

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an outline for change/reform/the future In spite of a tight deadline, the working party succeeded in delivering a practical and common-sense outline for reform.
a series of lines or shapes on a drawing or diagram that show the general appearance of something, for example, a building, machine, etc.:
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I will begin by outlining the concept of self-ownership, and go on to explain the two main objections to the concept: one philosophical, one ideological.
The following two examples outline cases where the gross pollution function does not exhibit constant returns to scale.

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