One of europe’s most polluted towns stages a noisy revolt

One of europe’s most polluted towns stages a noisy revolt

lululemon athletica Store Ambassador || 2016 & 2017

They’re movers. They’re shakers. And best of all, they’re in New Orleans, impacting our community every day. Artist Becky Fos was chosen as a lululemon athletica Store Ambassador, 2016 & 2017.

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Evamor Brigade Ambassador | Know.Better.Creativity.

Evamor is on a mission to find and support people, causes and organizations that are in pursuit of Know Better in their fields, like they are when it comes to great water. Artist Becky Fos stands for Know.Better.Creativity.

The Know Better Brigade spotlights innovation, unique thinking, and emerging trendsetters and trailblazers in health, nutrition, technology, creativity, and many other fields . . . People who inspire us, and who are bringing Know Better to the table, with Evamor by their side.

Click HERE to meet the rest of the brigade and what they stand for.

 Sponsor || MMA Fighter Macy “The Chainsaw” Chiasson

Artist Becky Fos is proud & honored to announce her sponsorship of the incredible Macy “The Chainsaw” Chiasson. Macy “The Chainsaw” is one of the community’s fiercest go-getters and one of the most competitive ladies in the MMA World today, ranking #1 in the state of Louisiana.

Currently majoring in Civil Engineering at the University of New Orleans, teaching Krav Maga – Israeli Self Defense – and training hard at Mid City MMA, Macy enjoys living every day as a positive example for girls and women. She encourages all of us to embrace our inner warrior and grab life by the horns.

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Click HERE to follow Macy’s MMA career.

Spotlight on Becky Fos | Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center | March 31st, 2016

The amazingly talented Becky Fos recently worked with the Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center for a one-of-a-kind commission entitled “A Mother’s Love.” The stunning 48 x 60 work of art beautifully depicts their mission and inspiration. They had a chance to chat with B. Fos, who now calls New Orleans home after growing up in Central Texas, to talk about her craft, what she finds inspiring, and what child advocacy means to her.

Click HERE for the full article.

 Jazz Fest Focus | OffBeat Magazine Interview by Art Director Elsa Hahne || April 20th, 2015

On a sunny Monday in April, Elsa Hahne, Art Director at OffBeat Magazine, and Photographer & Partner at High ISO LLC interviewed artist Becky Fos at her brand new gallery – Gallery B. Fos on Magazine Street. The interview was conducted prior to Fos’ first Jazz Fest exhibition. Elsa Hahne examined Becky Fos’ artistic endeavors focusing sharply on the origin of her art career.

Click HERE for the full Article.

Interview with local artist Becky Fos | Marielle says . . . || March 6th, 2014

Marielle Songy – Writer at the West Bank Beacon, Blogger of Marielle says . . . , Elite Yelper, & Pin Up Model – has been following Becky Fos’ unconventional navigation into the New Orleans art world since her start in 2013. She interviewed local artist Becky Fos on March 6th, 2014, long before she had gallery representation on Royal Street and way before she ever dreamed of owning her own art gallery.

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Click HERE for the full Article. Click HERE for Marielle’s Yelp Review of Gallery B. Fos.

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