Mặt bằng tòa r1 royal city

Mặt bằng tòa r1 royal city

VinhomesRoyal City Apartments is located on Centre area of Thanh Xuan district, include 6 buildings R1- R6 with diversed area of 88.3 – 221m2, well- designed and modern apartments with 2-4 bedrooms with the first-class Royal style, full furniture and utilities in Hanoi. This project was completed and in use.

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Vinhomes Royal City Complex is at number 72A Nguyen Trai, where locates main nodal road connecting Hanoi urban areas with new capital’s Centre.

– Far from Hoan Kiem Lake about 5 kilometers (10 minutes driving)

– To Lich River on the Northeast

– Nguyen Trai Street on the Southeast.

– Thuong Dinh Residential Area on the Northwest and Southwest


VinhomesRoyal City Nguyen Trai Map of project location


– Total area: 120.945 m2, designed with intelligent connection between functional complex constructions and public complex constructions along with ecological Architecture.

– Gardens and parks: about 70.000 square meters.

– Shopping Mall and Supermarket: 230.000m2, divided into 2 basements and 2 levels.

– Water park with area of 17.000m2

– The first biggest ice rink in Vietnam with area of 3000 m2

– Amusement place in approximately 30.000 m2

– Parking lot in basement with 300.000m2


VinhomesRoyal City Apartment – Project scale


– Luxurious complex apartments

– Vincom Mega Mall Shopping Centrewith special points to create diversities and success:

+ Indoor Food street with more than22.000m2 – the biggest one in Southeast Asia with 130 restaurants.

+ Amusement Complex: Indoor water park, Fairy tales Garden, cinema, World Game, the first skating- rink in Vietnam

+ Shopping Centre with the most luxurious brand name in Vietnam and in the world.

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+ Supermarket, electronic supermarket, interior supermarket with varied products.

+ Gym & Spa Centre, luxurious indoor swimming pool

– 3 International Schools

– Green Gardenon rooftop with 7 hectares

– Parking lot systemin 3 basements with more than 200.000m2 and modern automatic control system.

V. VinhomesRoyal City Apartments

VinhomesRoyal CityComplex contains 6 buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, and R6 with total 4460 apartments

– R1 building contains 942 apartments with diverse area of 88.3m2 – 200.8m2.VinhomesRoyal City Apartments in R1 building have 1- 4 bedrooms.

– R2 building inVinhomesRoyal City Apartment contains 942 apartments, with varied area of 88.3m2 – 151.7m2, 2-3 bedrooms.

– R3 building inVinhomesRoyal City Apartment was designed from109.2m2 to 221.5m2, with 2-4 bedrooms

– R4 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137m2.

– R5 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137.6m2.

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– R6 building with 1-2 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 162.2m2.








House planning

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2ndfloor: shopping center

1st, 2nd,2A,2B floors: shopping center

3rd-35thfloors: apartments

3rd-35thfloors: apartments

2A-15A floors: apartments

2A-35thfloors: apartments

2A-35thfloors: apartments

3rd-30thfloors: apartments

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden


VinhomesRoyal City Nguyen Trai Apartments

Investor: Hoang Gia City Real Estate Development and Investment SJC (belong to Vingroup cooperation)Partners:Site Architecture Design cooperation (France)Site Asia CompanyPremier Construction Management Co., Jsc (PCM)

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