List price là gì

List price là gì

Cross-border list price comparisons are frequently misleading and the situation is complicated by differences in model specifications, marketing support and credit terms.

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If the library of your institution has access on-line, then purchase of the paper version is superfluous, especially at a list price of £250.
It should be available in all libraries, but the list price of £70 will be too high for postgraduates and others unless they are members of affiliated organizations.
Each car will be taxed on the basis of its individual list price, in response to the weight of views expressed during consultation.
Most branded goods are now sold at the nationally advertised list price, and a housewife likes to know what the price is.
This valuation takes into account normal educational discounts: the list price would be significantly higher.
Therefore, at that moment, although he was selling old stock, he was selling below the list price for the tyres.
The headline or list price of catalogue holidays in this country appears large when compared to that of our neighbours.
The gross profit put on the article, therefore, is considerable, and the list price is a very different thing from the invoice price.

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