Horn là gì

Horn là gì

a hard, pointed, often curved part that grows from the top of the head of some animals, or the hard substance of which a horn is made

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a curved metal musical instrument that is narrow at the end you blow into and much wider at the other end
any of various musical instruments consisting of a long curved metal tube that is narrow at the end you blow into and wider at the other end, or this type of instrument generally
On the other horn, traversing does indeed turn out to be logically impossible, but the temporalist does not need to claim that it is possible.
First horn : if the world is capable of disambiguation, then it seems doubtful that it was ever really religiously ambiguous in the first place.
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The temporal horn of the lateral ventricle served as the lateral boundary and the medial edge of the temporal lobe as the medial boundary.
French horn: (4) short note (horn sn), (5) held note (horn held), (6) trill (horn tr), and (7) glissando (horn gliss).
One horn of the dilemma is to stick with the claim that refusal is impossible in such circumstances.
Histological examination of pigmented claw wall horn showed pigment-containing cells in the coronary epidermis but not coronary dermis or in dermis or epidermis of laminae.

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When one examines figure 3, object no. 6, and figure 5, it becomes clear that this horn must have been partially visible.
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