Galaxy là gì

Galaxy là gì

Present tonight at the long-awaited opening of this film are a whole galaxy of stars from the acting and musical professions.

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the very large group of stars that contains the solar system (= the sun and all the planets, including Earth, that go around it)

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The possibility of this happening is about as likely as humans walking the surface of planets of distant galaxies.
Change was a given, inducing gradients, forming systems and evolving structures, and the results, emergent over billions of years, included galaxies, stars, planets and life.
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Essentially this means that surveys of deep space could be showing us multiple images of the same finite set of galaxies – this is like being in a hall of mirrors.
If galaxies themselves were like kinetic sculptures, or if they were arranged with each other like kinetic sculptures, this would be confirmation of design – but the apparent chaos is not.
The main challenge here is to find out how these galaxies manage to convert so much gas into stars so efficiently and in such a very short time.
In the same way, they can contribute to our developing understanding of phenomena associated with other galaxies.
Here we are, microscopic creatures scuttling about on the surface of a minor plcircling round a second-rate star in one of halt-a-million galaxies.
Well, for years, amateur astronomers have made important contributions to professional astronomy, spotting comets and supernovae, and monitoring exploding stars in distant galaxies.
There are cases in which there are galaxies of counsel and solicitors where it would be unnecessary.
His calculations suggested that there must be more mass in the universe than those apparent in the observable galaxies, and called this dark matter.
Small aggregates of galaxies are referred to as groups of galaxies rather than clusters of galaxies.
From counting dead quasars, he deduced that most massive galaxies have black holes at their centres.
The infalling material (which contains galaxies, gas and dark matter) gains kinetic energy as it falls into the cluster”s gravitational potential well.


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With a redshift of 5.47, light from this active galaxy is estimated to have taken around 12.3 billion light-years to reach us.

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The end result is an elliptical galaxy, and many astronomers hypothesize that this is the primary mechanism that creates ellipticals.

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