Fuzzy là gì

Fuzzy là gì

(of an image) having shapes that do not have clear edges, or (of a sound, especially from a television, radio, etc.) not clear, usually because of other unwanted noises making it difficult to hear:

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An adaptive fuzzy control scheme is proposed in reference for compensating the nonlinear gravity component of a manipulator dynamics.
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One does, however, lose information and the spatial resolution gets worse as the size of the hologram is decreased the image becomes fuzzier.
Furthermore, this simplicity of the induced knowledge coupled with a fuzzy linguistic representation makes the output particularly comprehensible.
However, there are certain differences that arise from the crisp or fuzzy nature of the induced knowledge, and these are highlighted where appropriate.
Since these solved instances can contain uncertain and imprecise values, linguistic values represented by fuzzy sets are used.
The main problem in this approach is to rank the crisp proposals according to the consumer”s fuzzy constraints and preferences.
Furthermore, we distinguish between one-issue and multi-issue negotiation, and we consider crisp and fuzzy constraints on either negotiating side.

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The tighter the approximation we want, the less fuzzy the fuzzy subset is, and hence the smaller the base of the triangular fuzzy subset is.

someone who studies astrophysics (= the study of stars and other objects in space using physical laws)

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