Furthermore là gì

Furthermore là gì

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Furthermore, different types of defeasible information may also interfere with each other during the reasoning.
Furthermore, since they were involved in the wholesaling of rice and fertilizer, they could not necessarily be recognized as retailers.
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Furthermore, earlier marriage reinforces this trend, because graduates will be spending a greater proportion of their childbearing years in marriage.
Furthermore, the effectiveness of a local campaign is not just a matter of local parties being rich in resources.
Furthermore, the way in which this threshold is applied also affects the number and nature of political parties gaining representation.
Furthermore, the claim that limited exposure duration during training further promotes fluency was examined.
Furthermore, the type of structured volunteerism targeting older adults, in which recipients become helpers, has policy implications.
Furthermore, such flows cannot be easily distinguished from turbulent flows by qualitative observations.
Furthermore, the problem choices of scientists determine the content of individual research programs, ultimately shaping the character of their contributions to scientific knowledge.
Furthermore, shape can be easily perceived and does not require experience with the object, unlike function or other non-perceptual attributes.
Furthermore, because the virtual figures become easier to recognize, the time needed for recognition becomes shorter.
Furthermore, some types of communication disturbance may be more reactive than others and this may reflect different underlying processes.
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