Factor là gì

Factor là gì

informal The movie”s success is largely due to its feel-good factor (= its ability to make people feel happy).

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in mathematics, any whole number that is produced when you divide a larger number by another whole number:
If an amount becomes larger or smaller by a factor of a particular number, it becomes that number of times larger or smaller:
a number or variable (= letter or symbol) that is being multiplied in a product (= result of multiplying):
a business that buys the right to collect debts for another company and charges for collecting them:
a company or person that sells goods produced by another company using their own name, usually for payment
something special that a product, idea, person, etc. has that makes them successful or makes people notice them:
to sell the right to collect payments and debts owed to your company or organization to another business:
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Yet so many other factors also influence epistemic convictions that purely national styles may be relatively rare.
In the remainder of cases, the division was purely histological, as the physiology appeared uniform in the factors we tested.
In discussing pain and discomfort avoidance, he also emphasises the interplay of physical and psychological factors.
The impact of care-giving on care-givers : factors associated with the psychological well-being of people supporting a dementing relative in the community.
Secondly, what possible role might personal factors such as negative appraisals play in the development of psychological distress ?
However, it is possible that it may be mediated through other psychological factors such as hypervigilance to current well-being.

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