Face to face là gì

Face to face là gì

a meeting that you have with someone in which you talk to them directly, not by phone, email, online, etc.

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used to describe a situation in which you talk directly to another person, not by phone, email, online, etc.:
Where facetoface attendance at team meetings is difficult, access to alternative ways of communicating with other team members will be found.
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In facetoface communication, indicators of emotions, such as facial expressions, are mostly displayed subconsciously.
Ninety-five people volunteered to participate and answered a facetoface questionnaire in the presence of an interpreter, after written informed consent was obtained.
To address this question, this study examines referential practice in a particular kind of facetoface workplace setting, the service counter of a quick print shop.
The qualitative analysis demonstrates how pronoun alternation functions as a contextualization cue in facetoface interactions.
In general, parents in individualistic societies foster the child”s symbolization and tool use through special moments of play that are organized around facetoface interactions.

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Parents sometimes played with the infant, engaged in facetoface interaction with the infants, or conversed with the recording assistant.
First we examined the likelihood of parent and child having facetoface contact several times a week depending on the class of both parent and child.
Discourse analysis can illuminate how the experience of ageing and later life is lived through facetoface interaction.
When resources in the healthcare sector diminish, decision makers are brought facetoface with difficult decisions of prioritizing treatment among patients.
In the contrast, she incidentally but helpfully reminds readers of important characteristics of facetoface vocal communication.

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