Equally là gì

Equally là gì

Thêm các ví dụ My way of thinking might be different from yours, but it”s equally valid.We totalled (up) the money we had each earned, and then shared it equally among the three of us.The money was divided equally between several worthy causes.All non-violent religious and political beliefs should be respected equally.False humility and arrogance are both equally unpleasant.

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-esque a hop, skip, and a jump idiom a level playing field idiom adjacent affinity akin constant evenly every inch idiom extent firm homogeneity neck put/turn the clock back idiom regularity repetition resemblance Rome swing tight Xem thêm kết quả »

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He possibly tried the same experiment also with inclined planes in a spherical container with an equally negative result.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus
It is equally true, however, that the party”s narrow class base rendered it an increasingly less than reliable champion of democratic rights.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus
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In this situation it was equally possible that other interested parties might want to strengthen the international reputation of the incumbent government.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Random assignment would ensure that all unmeasured confounding factors were equally distributed between comparison groups.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Phrenology was supposed to be part of democratic politics; it was to provide a psychology equally applicable to everyone.

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Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
But equally certainly, none fully explains what causes the styles to exist.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Equally, they themselves often echo managerial and union distinctions of male and female tasks, especially on the grounds of physical strength and strain.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
This article will argue that this stereotype is equally unacceptable.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Likewise, what was regarded as crime and what we would today label as tort was often equally unclear.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Underlying the misleading notion of honour was an equally skewed view of valour.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Equally, older volunteers wanted to meet similar others and to form social relationships.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Perhaps this is because higher taxes are often used to fund a higher level of desirable government services, leaving citizens equally well or better off.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
As a result, seed removal was equally low among habitats (nearly 26%), high percentages of seeds dropping below tree crowns.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
The most distinctive feature of quantum theory – the interference of probabilities – is thus expressed equally well in position space and momentum space.
Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  
Preliminary data thus suggest that pairs of stimuli matched in saturation for adults will not be equally preferred by infants.

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Từ Xây Dựng NND English Corpus  

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