đờn ca tài tử tiếng anh là gì

đờn ca tài tử tiếng anh là gì

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Đờn ca tài tử Nam bộ(Southern amateur music)

Đờn ca tài tử Nam bộ(Southern amateur music)

A specific form of music in southern provinces

n ca tài t was born in the end of the 19th century in the southern region. It originated from nhc l, a.k.a. nhc ng âm (a kind of music developed in the 17th century, based on the worshiping music used by the royal court in the former imperial capital of Hue, and that of south central provinces), nhã nhc cung ình Hu (a form of Hue royal court music) and folk literature.

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Some say that the word tài t means amateur. In fact, this word means talents and implies that these people do not take the music performance as their livelihood, just to entertain themselves or other people. However, it does not mean that they are not professionals. Conversely, to become an artist in the true sense of the word, they have to practice for a long time.

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For this musical form, the role of singers and musicians is equal. Singers of ca trù and ca Hu (traditional northern and central songs) are often women while n ca tài t includes male and female vocalists and they have equal roles.n ca tài t band uses such instruments as àn nh (a two-string fiddle), àn nguyt (a two-string lute), àn bu (a one-string zither), song lang (two pieces of bamboos used to strike against each other to keep rhythms) or n ghi-ta phím lõm (concave-fret guitar).

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This kind of music is not only performed in festivals and parties but also in post-harvest time. Additionally, it can be played in the shade of trees, on boat or in bright moonlit night.

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