Detective là gì

Detective là gì

a police officer whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for them
Professionals of all sorts – detectives, doctors, and lawyers – ignore at their own risk the insight and advice of the amateurs below stairs.
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Work is duplicated because the custody officer may enter information into one computer, while upstairs the detectives are putting the same information into another system.
Does it mean the setting up of a huge new department, with experts and detectives, and slide-rule calculations?
The detectives concerned know who have committed those crimes, but they are unable to get the information.
There must be an opportunity for graduates who want to come into the force, and if they do, they will want to become detectives.
Information on the use of private detectives in the context of the question is not available centrally and could be obtained only at disproportionate cost.
Experienced police officers would not prosecute in such cases, but stores often decide to bring prosecutions based on the evidence of store detectives.
Four days later, in prison, he was visited by two detectives, and after some persuasion he gave the true story of this vicious attack.
Many people would be attracted to a career in the police force if they thought that they could become detectives.


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I defy anyone—other than a detective agency—who is willing to work from now until doomsday, to discover the people behind the company.
As readers of detective fiction, however, we are potentially much less prone to such existential and hermeneutic anxieties.

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