Counsel là gì

Counsel là gì

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I should have listened to my father”s wise counsel, and saved some money instead of spending it all.
Counsel for the defence (= the lawyer giving advice to the accused person) argued convincingly that his client was not guilty.

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law Counsel is one or more of the lawyers taking part in a case or legally representing a person or organization:
First, the difficulty in arranging rooms for counselling sessions may have deterred practice staff from referring patients for counselling.
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Experience of service provision for adolescents with eating disorders counselling and support services to people suffering from eating disorders.
All new inmates received information leaflets and counselling on harm reduction issues, and on the project itself.
Before undertaking this role, review staff underwent a period of training which included formal lectures related to pathophysiology, counseling skills and skincare guidelines.
He counselled an official claim for this reason but was dependable in following orders inconsistent with his own beliefs and the public record thereof.
A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness and costeffectiveness of counselling patients with chronic depression.


Các từ thường được sử dụng cùng với counsel.

The prisoner has the assistance of counsel, and is in communication with his relatives and friends in this country.
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