Consumed là gì

Consumed là gì

At 0.5%, 1.0% and 2% sufficient was consumed, as estimated from the loss of weight to account for this.

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The risk of diarrhoea was lower among those consuming boiled water but this finding was not statistically significant.
In the first year or two the produce of the deceased person”s gardens is consumed, and the gardens are left to turn into secondary forest.
An effect of larval food-plant on adult life-span was found with greater longevity in females that had as larvae consumed exclusively lodgepole pine foliage.
Indeed, consuming invalid tabled answers may result in finding more invalid answers for the same or other tabled predicates.
It was demonstrated that this spider did not simply consume greater quantities of aphids because it was bigger.
The availability of alternative prey may have affected the quantities of slug consumed, but clearly did not prevent the beetles from reducing slug populations.
First, we hypothesize that these shocks have induced residential resorting, which should increase the allocative efficiency with which local public goods are consumed.

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Our first hypothesis is that residential re-sorting should significantly increase the allocative efficiency with which households consume local public goods.
The quantifier takes its scope by finding an appropriate dependency and consuming it through implication elimination.
Three is the minimum number of ages needed for changing the differential between the ages at which the average income is earned and consumed.
The “fast fires” of shortlived electronic storage and dissemination media consume our creative output almost before we know it”s gone.

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