Codeforces là gì

Codeforces là gì

CTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN”> Xây Dựng NND: comes back – Xây Dựng NND

1 tourist 3748
2 Benq 3540
3 Petr 3470
4 Radewoosh 3355
5 ecnerwala 3347
6 maroonrk 3344
7 jiangly 3324
8 scott_wu 3313
9 ainta 3299
10 boboniu 3289

# User Contrib.
1 1-gon 200
2 Errichto 197
3 rng_58 195
4 SecondThread 192
5 awoo 186
6 Um_nik 182
7 vovuh 180
8 Ashishgup 175
8 antontrygubO_o 175
10 -is-this-fft- 174

Bykuviman, 3 years ago, translation,

Hello everyone! was created ~16 years ago by programming contests participants from Saratov university: MikeMirzayanov and AndrewLazarev. Today its codebase and infrastructure are completely outdated, and supporting it is unreasonably hard. Nonetheless, Xây Dựng NND team is regularly asked to revive acmsguru, since there is still a lot of interest in the problemset.

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Here is the new functionality in Xây Dựng NND — additional section “acmsguru” in Problemset. All the problems from the old system are moved there. There are still a few things to do here: correctly port interactive problems, improve looks of statements, support the new section in Xây Dựng NND API, support adding these problems to mashups.

Anyway, you can solve the problems already, and view progress on separate standings page for acmsguru.

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To save the spirit of acmsguru, viewing sources of other participants is disabled.

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UPD: In some old problems checkers are compiled into 16-bit executables, so testing of these problems is temporarily not working.

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