Chronicle là gì

Chronicle là gì

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infml The diary, although a personal story, is really a chronicle of an important period of history.
In chronicling this relationship, we note problems when the labor of adult education becomes invisible to those supervising online instructors.
Scholars using chronicles as quarries for information concerning their specialisms badly need such aids.
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The author skillfully moves among the evidence provided by chronicles, official correspondence, biographical literature, and numismatics.
They are also drawn from a variety of source material: poetry, statutes and ordinances, chronicles, account books.

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On its own terms, however, this is an important and stimulating work with a significance reaching far beyond the story of the family it chronicles.
The practical adaptations of such visions, chronicled in the second half of the book, are likewise intriguing at times.
There was a concomitant development of a sense of town history, conveyed through pageants, local chronicles and compilations of records and mayoral portraits.
Much of the discourse of this part remains at the level of what is discussed in postconquest chronicles and annals.
The chronicles tell us about such natural phenomena as rainy years, periods of drought, famines, locust plagues, and epidemics.
Cases 1 and 2 are basically “going” upwards: in a design seen as trivial net, only these cases occur and disputes are just chronicles.
The article then surveys the development of the boom in enterprise database systems and chronicles prominent trends in those systems.

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