Awd là gì

Awd là gì


Hello everyone, nice to meet you again in my latest video clip today, in today’s video clip I would like to share with you about what a 1-wheel-drive car is? What is a 2-wheel drive vehicle? then distinguish what is 2WD? What is 4WD? What is AWD? Guys, the bridge or talking about the driving components of a car, then people divided into 1 bridge and 2 bridges.

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One bridge is the vehicle that drives only one axle, that is, one front wheel is driven by two front wheels, while the back is driven by two rear wheels, and two bridges are two-wheel drive On the front, the front axle, that is, all-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, all-wheel drive all pull the wheel away, depending on the type of vehicle usually equipped with front axle, or two bridges, front axle cars, for example, small cars such as the cars of class A, B, C class. For example are the Sedan, the Rollover, the Sedan in Vietnam, the … including A-class automakers such as KIA Morning and Chevrolet Spark are A-class cars.

Then B-class cars such as Vios and City and then C-cars such as Mazda 3 and KIA K3 and KIA Cerato and continue to upgrade to D-class cars such as Mazda 6, Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata … etc … all of these cars are sedans that serve normal purpose, have no sport requirement, so are usually equipped with front-wheel drive, because the front-wheel drive is cost-effective and it is a drive configuration suitable for such popular cars, and for sport-based sedans such as Toyota 86… or a some of Nissan’s Subaru sports cars are often used to drive the rear axle, because when you know an accelerator, the car’s inertia will back up, and some of the bikes will accelerate sharply I doubt it was as impulsive as you can see.


The mass is put behind, so the rear-wheel drive vehicle will ensure traction and give it better acceleration than the front-wheel drive, so often sports cars are often driven. later, there are two-wheel drive cars … some Rollover cars such as Mazda CX5 and Henderson have those cars, usually equipped with two types of motion, one is front-wheel drive, two is the rear-wheel drive, sometimes there are two more, like the Hyundai Sonata is a two-wheel drive, or the Toyota Fortuner model it has many different drive configurations, it has rear axles and it has a system 4-wheel drive means two bridges, the one-wheel drive it is divided into two types, the front-wheel drive it called FWD means Front Wheel Drive means two front wheels move, two front wheels drive, also driving the rear axle it is called RWD Rear Wheel Drive which is driving a bridge.

As for two-wheel drive, it is 4WD and AWD, 4WD means Four Wheel Drive means all-wheel drive, and AWD means A Wheel Drive means O Wheel Drive means all-wheel drive time, 4WD is a part-time four-wheel drive, here I can show you a clip of the front and rear wheels, let’s see this as an illustration, not bragging. both, this is my car, there are the following types of drive … that … in the middle is AWD is all-wheel drive, and this is FWD which means front wheel drive, and the other side RWD, RWD means Rear Wheels are rear-wheel drive … that’s how you guys are.


Well, it has such a dynamic configuration, the front-wheel drive is like we said before, saving production costs and it also meets the needs of ordinary cars, but the ability Its acceleration is not good, while rear-wheel drive is more capable of acceleration and often the vehicles that FUV or Bit-throughout pickup truck has a lot of space conditions so it is People are equipped with a rear-wheel drive car so the car goes over the terrain it’s easier than the front one, then! The four-wheel drive is divided into two types, as I said earlier, part-time four-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive four-wheel drive is denoted 4WD in the system. This part-time four-wheel drive allows you to choose when you choose a bridge, when you choose two bridges.

Here, in the cars, in these cars it often has extra gears, here! You see, sub gear … this small little box sub gear … hey … it has an extra like 2H which means using 2 wheels 1 high speed bridge, H is usually 2 bridge After that, 4H means 2 high-speed bridges, ie when the car it will run with two bridges, 1 front and rear wheels at high speed, Win-wrong it allows sliding four wheels, allowing Relatively skid, 4L is a low-speed 4-wheel drive, L wipes it … then it will run two bridges and the slip between the front and rear axles will be very limited, then this is a car … the The gearbox of the car that the 2 bridges are semi-automatic, when you run you have to install a bridge, install an extra gear next to it, and then after you run into the bad terrain such as muddy or sandy, rocky roads. undulating need more grip, then we set the bridge, install two bridges, two slow-speed or high-speed bridges or something, and then after you run past that picture on the asphalt, you have to set the bridge to mode. is using a high speed bridge, the grip is very large, if you do not reattach the c It will break the sub transmission.

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Here! You see here when you drive a tarmac, when you make a turn on the tarmac, the four wheels it will completely spin at different speeds, it will run at different speeds, it will spin at different speeds, the two front wheels run differently, the other two wheels run differently, so when you drive on automatic two wheels, you can set the wheels in low-speed terrain, bad terrain, low speed, and then get out on high asphalt. you have to go back to the back and the front, then when you drive at high speed there won’t be any damage, I know some semi-automatic two-wheel drivers that have a hook on the car. If you do not pay attention, then hit and forget, after going out the asphalt, running at high speed, the car will be damaged.


There! There are some buttons here, for example, here, the button on the Toyota Fortuner, this button locks the rear wheel, this button I only engage and lock when the terrain is low, terrain ugly, out of high speed asphalt, I have to turn that off, otherwise it will damage the sub gear, broken visai cost a lot of money, here are other buttons, here are the ones knot …. the number 1 button in the middle is the central visai lock, the number 2 is the rear visai lock, the 3 is the front visai lock, the A of the driving configuration only press when you go into the bad terrain! Then, the next two-bridge type is the AWD type, the AWD is the type that looks at the car … some cars behind the door behind it have the word AWD, what does AWD mean? AWD means O Wheel Drive means 4-wheel drive all the time, this car has 2 bridges, front and rear wheels. And it has an ICU that keeps the four wheels allotted the traction, which needs to pull the cart.

And when it comes to bad terrain, muddy terrain, the phenomenon of skidding occurs, the ICU will automatically know which wheels slip, lock the visai, in short, the AWD is a two-wheeled vehicle, however You get to the cockpit where you see it just like a one-wheel-drive vehicle, it doesn’t have a button to lock the bridge, because all that work is done by the computer by the ICU. programmed the modes it already works on, the cars that this AWD is modern two-wheelers today, it has gradually replaced the cars that 4 × 4 means two bridges semi-auto, part-time or 4WD, today’s modern cars are mostly equipped with AWD, typically one that is Hyundai diesel engine, the most advanced version is using the manual configuration. The dynamic is AWD like this.

So how do you feel? The AWD is an automatic two-wheel drive and it’s full-time, all-wheel drive, a computer that processes and calculates, here! Which car to choose? One bridge, two bridges, or two part-time bridges or two full-time bridges? So for cars like you to buy a Sedan, it seems that it only has one option which is the front axle, there’s no other option that I don’t care about, when you buy Rollover or SUV or Bite-all, then you are interested in a 2-wheel bridge, front-axle, part-time or full-time, Rollover cars like the CX5, such as Hyundai Tucson … etc … So those five-seater cars are high ground, In short, those five high-ground cars have either front axle or rear-wheel drive, sometimes all-wheel drive.

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If you only go on the streets or asphalt roads, less on terrain roads, then you need to choose the configuration of a bridge, the front bridge is okay, and if you go to the field, go there go muddy terrain or go offroad sometimes, you should choose the two bridges, because the two bridges, it drives four wheels and its vehicles are stronger and at the same time it does not consume more fuel, and it cost less than the one-wheel-drive car initially, that’s it. Then it is better that you choose the full-time two-wheel drive version of the AWD, the cars equipped with this are the computers it has already made, no fear of forgetting to turn off the bridge and no fear of damage to the box. number, there is no fear of costing anything, of course, the amount of money I buy the original one will be more expensive than the regular version … that! So the best thing is that the drive configuration is AWD as a full-time four-wheel drive, and the mahys themselves handle it all, how does the front wheel pull back, and when visai is locked and when not .

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There! then that is the best configuration of the present, and so I have just presented to you about the distinction of one-wheeled cars and two-wheeled cars, front-wheel-drive cars and the advantages of each type like, What is the point of transgression? Thank you for watching the clip, goodbye and see you in the video next time. Bye bye …

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