Availability là gì

Availability là gì

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availability of sth Many companies choose to produce abroad because of the low labour costs and the availability of skilled labour.
limited/widespread/growing availability Prices were driven up due to the limited availability of key raw materials.

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lack of availability Customers complained about the increased insurance premiums and the lack of availability of quality coverage.

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availability for sth Union workers were asked about their attitudes toward a strike and their availability for picket-line duty.
In a language-learning situation with restricted availability to the target language, such a system would likely be predicted purely on the grounds of transfer.
We take these different aspects to correlate with a representation”s availability to both phenomenal experience and to control processes.
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Is the synthesis of rumen bacterial protein limited by the availability of pre-formed amino acids and/or peptides?
This scheduler searches through specific tables and relations for part and fixture pallet availability.
One of the major stumbling blocks may be the availability of sufficient capital to fund the company”s start up operations.
The studies presented in table 3 consistently indicate that local forest availability and accessibility influence the number of trees households grow on their private land.
Contrasting responses to mycorrhizal inoculation and phosphorus availability in seedlings of two tropical rainforest tree species.
Unfortunately, due to data availability it was only possible to obtain a series of currentprices for the 1985-1996 period.

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